WQXR Archive

From 2011 to 2012, I was a regular contributor to WQXR.org, both writing for the blog Operavore and hosting on New Sounds (formerly Q2 Music) with the show I co-developed, The New Canon, which in part attempted the Sisyphean task of codifying the composers actively writing and creating in this millennium. On average, I wrote 3 posts per week for Operavore, and The New Canon aired weekly with a corresponding album review.

Highlights of over 100 pieces of writing in roughly 18 months of work are below. My 3 personal favorites are up top, everything else is presented in reverse-chronological order.

A Don Giovanni Straddling Two Worlds

Revisiting the performance that reopened the Deutsche Oper Berlin in a city newly-divided.

Berlin’s Operatic Rule of Three

50 years after the Berlin Wall went up, tracing the history of opera in the formerly-divided city.

Silver Screen Wagner Vies for Oscar Gold

Working with the composer’s psychologically-taut music in Melancholia and A Dangerous Method.

Shock and Awe

Does art still have the capacity to shock?

Just Like an Opera

On the centennial of The Rite of Spring and Bob Dylan’s Tempest.


Passion Plays: Joan of Arc on the Opera Stage

Despite many attempts to zuzh it up, Joan of Arc’s story as it happened is the best one for an opera.

Freewheelin’ and Freeloading in the Digital Age

Opera composers were more prolific before the 20th Century because they could plagiarize themselves.

Amy Winehouse’s Operatic Lease on Life

Looking back at the inheritor of Maria Callas’s mantle one year after her death.


Funny People

Where have all the comic operas gone? To Hollywood.

The Haussmannization of Opera

Thinking about Laurent Pelly’s Manon in architectural terms.

Trafficking Jam

An opera billed as the first about human trafficking comes in a long line of operas that sexually enslave women.


Après Missy Mazzoli, le Deluge

On the world premiere of Song from the Uproar.

Follow the Lieder

A “tortured” Schubert recording takes center stage in Sherlock Holmes.